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Présentation et visites d'atelier, Cas-co Leuven 09.12.23

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While I was thinking about this today presentation and what could constitute a meaningful contribution to link the Saturday morning studio visits, the Saturday upcoming performance for Petticoat Government in an hour and my everyday practice and my interest in the arts, I was hooked by a book I just bought in London, titled A Working Life by american poet, writer, activist Eyleen Myles. I don’t know why I never read their book before. She’s been praised by so many authors I like but I never met them. In this new collection of poems, their words engage us in the contradictions of life, between delight and fear, a constant flow and a longing for slowness, desire of representation and soul-searching. I’d like to read you one of this before moving forward


Eyleen Myles


Today it rains, and we go


for new sorowfull performances.

We go live

I go live and I 

everyday perform 

as required by the profession. 

Because of love, passion, excitement, commitment

the working life is the daily life that could bring such as in Eyleen Miles words some repair – I hope.

In my work as a programmer, curator, text worker, educator, (and you have to believe today as a performer) but also as an art lover, artist partner, artist sister, my interest encompasses themes such as language, memory, ecology, and focuses on less object-related results than hybrid and often-research based practices which disseminate their essence through moving and still-images, performances, lectures, and of course writings, publications and sharing words with others.

I dive into spaces of endless conversations, 

could they be loud or silent, alone or with others.

Image Jente Waerzeggers

Chapitre Leuven, Petticoat Government, avec Denicolai & Provoost * Nord * Spec uloos, Image Jente Waerzeggers