Playground Festival ⟡ Collective exhibition for a single body - The private score

Assistante de production, M Leuven, 2019

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Collective Exhibition for a Single Body – The Private Score was an exhibition of performative gestures curated by Pierre Bal-Blanc and by artists from Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe, first realized in Vienna in June 2019.

The second activation of “The Private Score” as part of Playground festival offered the opportunity to attend a new choreographic contextualization organized at Stadskantoor. This activation was conceived specifically for the city and the people of Leuven by the curator in close collaboration with the artist and choreographer Manuel Pelmuş, who was part of the initial project in Austria.

It was performed in the new city offices from Thursday 14th to Saturday 16th 2019 as required by the meta-score in a “tempo that remains aleatory, appearances unpremeditated, and the repetition continuous” by local dancer Beniamin Boar, Manuel Pelmuş himself and Elizabeth Ward, who took part in the Viennese iteration.

The presentation of “The Private Score” in Leuven as part of Playground festival aimed to highlight a new historical and geographical gap by referencing the original context of the choreographic gestures included in the performance. Placed within Leuven’s historical cityscape, the Stadskantoor in contrast represents not only contemporary architecture but also the current biopolitical regime that governs the population.

For this second presentation in Leuven performed in an aleatory fashion by three performers at Stadskantoor, the museum M Leuven showcased the original artworks from the Kontakt Collection that were at the source of the gestures included in “The Private Score”.


Manuel Pelmuş

PerformersBeniamin Boar, Manuel Pelmuş & Elizabeth Ward

With works byMilan Adamčiak, Geta Brătescu, Anna Daučíková, VALIE EXPORT, Stano Filko, Tomislav Gotovac, Sanja Iveković, Anna Jermolaewa, Július Koller, Jiří Kovanda, Katalin Ladik, Simon Leung, Karel Miler, Paul Neagu, Manuel Pelmuş, Petr Štembera, Mladen Stilinović, Sven Stilinović, Slaven Tolj, Goran Trbuljak